MetadataUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getMetadata ($className, User $user=null)
static setMetadata ($className, array $metadata, User $user=null)
static resolveEvaluateSubString (&$subString, $resolveVariableName=null, $params=null, $defaultValue=null)

Detailed Description


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Member Function Documentation

static getMetadata ( className,
User user = null 
) [static]

Returns metadata for the given class.

See also:
$user The current user.
An array of metadata.

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static setMetadata ( className,
array $  metadata,
User user = null 
) [static]

Sets new metadata.

$metadata An array of metadata.
$user The current user.

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static resolveEvaluateSubString ( &$  subString,
resolveVariableName = null,
params = null,
defaultValue = null 
) [static]
$subString String|Array to be evaluated
null $resolveVariableName string|array Name the variable to be resolved in local scope
null $params string|array
null $defaultValue string

Definition at line 125 of file MetadataUtil.php.

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