MeetingHasRelatedItemsZurmoControllerUtil Class Reference

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ModelHasRelatedItemsZurmoControllerUtil ZurmoControllerUtil

Protected Member Functions

 resolveModelsRelatedItemsFromPost (&$model)
 resolveUserAttendees (&$model, $reformedUserAttendees=array())

Detailed Description

Extended class to support models that have related items such as activities or conversations.

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Member Function Documentation

resolveModelsRelatedItemsFromPost ( &$  model  )  [protected]

Passing in a $model, process any relatedItems that have to be removed, added, or changed.

Reimplemented from ModelHasRelatedItemsZurmoControllerUtil.

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resolveUserAttendees ( &$  model,
reformedUserAttendees = array() 
) [protected]
array $reformedUserAttendees array of User Ids Remove user attendees that are not provided. Add additional. Do not re-add already added ones.

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