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EditView DetailsView ModelView ConfigurableMetadataView MetadataView View MassActionRequiringConfirmationView MassEditView MassSubscribeView MarketingListMembersMassEditActionView MassDeleteView AccountsMassEditView ContactsMassEditView GameRewardsMassEditView LeadsMassEditView OpportunitiesMassEditView ProductsMassEditView ProductTemplatesMassEditView ProjectsMassEditView TasksMassEditView UsersMassEditView

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($controllerId, $moduleId, RedBeanModel $model, $activeAttributes, $selectedRecordCount, $title, $alertMessage=null, $moduleClassName=null)

Protected Member Functions

 renderAlertMessage ()
 renderPreActionElementBar ($form)
 renderItemLabel ()
 renderItemOperationType ()
 renderOperationHighlight ()
 renderContent ()
 renderItemCount ()
 renderItemOperationMessage ()
 renderItemOperationMessageCategory ()
 renderOperationMessage ()
 renderOperationDescriptionContent ()
 getSelectedRecordCount ()
 getOperationAdditionalMessage ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

The base View for a module's mass action view.

Definition at line 40 of file MassActionView.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( controllerId,
RedBeanModel model,
alertMessage = null,
moduleClassName = null 

Constructs a detail view specifying the controller as well as the model that will have its mass delete displayed.

Definition at line 71 of file MassActionView.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderContent (  )  [protected]

Override of parent function. Makes use of the ZurmoActiveForm widget to provide an editable form.

A string containing the element's content.

Reimplemented from EditView.

Definition at line 88 of file MassActionView.php.

Field Documentation

$activeAttributes [protected]

Array of booleans indicating which attributes are currently trying to be mass updated

Definition at line 47 of file MassActionView.php.

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