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MarketingModule Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MarketingModule:
SecurableModule Module

Public Member Functions

 getDependencies ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 getName ()
 isEnabled ()
 canDisable ()
 setIsEnabled ($isEnabled)
 getDependencies ()
 getEnabledDependencies ($temp=null)
 getRootModelNamesIncludingDependencies ()
 getRootModelNames ()
 getConfigurationView ()
 getDesignerMenuItems ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getTranslatedRightsLabels ()
static getDefaultMetadata ()
static getAccessRight ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SecurableModule
static getRightsNames ()
static getTranslatedRightsLabels ()
static getPolicyNames ()
static getTranslatedPolicyLabels ()
static getAuditEventNames ()
static stringifyAuditEvent (AuditEvent $auditEvent, $format= 'long')
static getPolicyRulesTypes ()
static getPolicyDefault ($policyName)
static isPolicyYesNo ($value)
static getAccessRight ()
static getCreateRight ()
static getDeleteRight ()
static getSecurableModuleDisplayName ()
static hasPermissions ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Module
static getModuleObjects ()
static getDependenciesForModule (Module $module, $dependencies=array())
static getDirectoryName ()
static getSingularCamelCasedName ()
static getPluralCamelCasedName ()
static getModuleLabelByTypeAndLanguage ($type, $language=null)
static getStrongerPolicy ($policyName, array $values)
static getPolicyRulesTypes ()
static getTabMenuItems ($user=null)
static getAdminTabMenuItems ($user=null)
static getConfigureMenuItems ()
static getConfigureSubMenuItems ()
static getShortCutsCreateMenuItems ()
static getPrimaryModelName ()
static getGlobalSearchFormClassName ()
static modelsAreNeverGloballySearched ()
static hasAtLeastOneGlobalSearchAttributeName ()
static getStateMetadataAdapterClassName ()
static getMetadata (User $user=null)
static setMetadata (array $metadata, User $user=null)
static getDefaultMetadata ()
static getViewClassNames ()
static getModelClassNames ()
static getAllClassNamesByPathFolder ($folder)
static getDefaultDataMakerClassName ()
static getDemoDataMakerClassNames ()
static isReportable ()
static canHaveWorkflow ()
static canHaveContentTemplates ()
static canShowOnCalendar ()

Data Fields

const RIGHT_ACCESS_CONFIGURATION = 'Access Marketing Configuration'
const RIGHT_ACCESS_MARKETING = 'Access Marketing Tab'

Static Protected Member Functions

static getSingularModuleLabel ($language)
static getPluralModuleLabel ($language)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
static getSingularModuleLabel ($language)
static getPluralModuleLabel ($language)
static getCustomModuleLabelByTypeAndLanguage ($type, $language)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SecurableModule
static $policyDefaults = array()

Detailed Description

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