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ConfigurableMetadataModel DerivedAttributeMappingRuleForm ModelAttributeMappingRuleForm DefaultContactStateIdMappingRuleForm DefaultModelNameIdDerivedAttributeMappingRuleForm FullNameDefaultValueModelAttributeMappingRuleForm PasswordDefaultValueModelAttributeMappingRuleForm UserStatusDefaultValueMappingRuleForm CurrencyIdModelAttributeMappingRuleForm CurrencyRateToBaseModelAttributeMappingRuleForm DefaultModelAttributeMappingRuleForm ModelAttributeDedupeMappingRuleForm UserValueTypeModelAttributeMappingRuleForm ValueFormatMappingRuleForm ValueTypeMappingRuleForm

Public Member Functions

 rules ()
 attributeLabels ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getType ()
static getAttributeName ()

Detailed Description

The import process includes a view for mapping import columns to attributes or derived attribute types in a model. When a column is selected to be mapped against an attribute or derived attribute type, there is the potentially for mapping rules to accompany that mapping. An example of a rule would be a default value rule or in the case of something like owner, is the value the owner's username or actuay user id.

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Member Function Documentation

static getType (  )  [static]
string - If the class name is DefaultValueModelAttributeMappingRuleForm, then 'DefaultValueModelAttribute' will be returned.

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