LowercaseSanitizerUtil Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 analyzeByRow (RedBean_OODBBean $rowBean)
 sanitizeValue ($value)

Detailed Description

Sanitizer for handling username

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Member Function Documentation

analyzeByRow ( RedBean_OODBBean $  rowBean  ) 

Reimplemented from SanitizerUtil.

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sanitizeValue ( value  ) 

Sanitize a value, returning a sanitized value either as the same cast or different cast. This is the final step for importing a row, this method is called as the value from the import column for a row is ready to be populated into a model to save. This method can also be called in a chain of sanitizers based on what sanitizers are set for a given attribute import rule. depending on the circumstances.

mixed $value

Reimplemented from SanitizerUtil.

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