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ListView Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ListView:
ModelView ListViewInterface ConfigurableMetadataView MetadataView View AListView AutorespondersListView CalendarItemsListView DaysMeetingsFromCalendarModalListView ImportErrorsListView ImportTempTableListView JobLogsModalListView LatestActivitiesListView LeaderboardListView MashableInboxListView ModalListView MyListView NotificationsForUserListView RelatedListView SecuredListView SocialItemsListView UsersListView

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($controllerId, $moduleId, $modelClassName, $dataProvider, $selectedIds, $gridIdSuffix=null, $gridViewPagerParams=array(), $listAttributesSelector=null, $kanbanBoard=null)
 getRowsAreSelectable ()
 setRowsAreSelectable ($value)
 getSummaryCloneId ()
 getTableColumnGroup ()
 setEmptyText ($text)
 getGridViewId ()
 getLinkString ($attributeString, $attribute)
 getRelatedLinkString ($attributeString, $attributeName, $moduleId)
 getModuleId ()
 getControllerId ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModelView
 getModelClassName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from View
 isUniqueToAPage ()
 render ()
 setCssClasses (array $classes)
 getCssClasses ()
 getTitle ()
 getPostTruncatedTitleContent ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getDefaultMetadata ()
static canRenderRowMenuColumnByElementAndData ($element, $data)
static resolveRelatedListStringContent ($modelId, $linkStringContent)
static getDesignerRulesType ()

Protected Member Functions

 getKanbanBoard ()
 setKanbanBoard ($kanbanBoard)
 renderContent ()
 getGridViewWidgetPath ()
 getCGridViewParams ()
 getTypeCssClassForCGridView ()
 getKanbanCssClassForCGridView ()
 getCGridViewPagerParams ()
 getShowTableOnEmpty ()
 getEmptyText ()
 getCGridViewFirstColumn ()
 getCGridViewColumns ()
 resolveMetadata ()
 getResolvedMetadata ()
 getCGridViewBeforeAjaxUpdate ()
 getCGridViewAfterAjaxUpdate ()
 getCGridViewAjaxUrl ()
 getCGridViewSelectableRowsCount ()
 getCGridViewLastColumn ()
 getGridViewMenuColumn ()
 getGridViewActionRoute ($action, $moduleId=null)
 getListActionId ()
 getActionModuleClassName ()
 getDataProvider ()
 renderScripts ()
 processColumnInfoToFetchColumnData ($columnInformation)
 isHeaderHidden ()
 resolveRowMenuColumnClass ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from View
 resolveDefaultClasses ()
 renderContainerWrapperId ()
 getContainerWrapperTag ()
 getId ()
 renderContent ()
 getViewStyle ()
 renderTitleContent ()
 resolveCustomViewTemplateFileName ($theme, $view)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getGridTemplate ()
static getPagerCssClass ()
static getSummaryText ()
static getSummaryCssClass ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ModelView
static assertMetadataIsValid (array $metadata)

Protected Attributes

 $renderViewToolBarDuringRenderContent = true
 $rowsAreSelectable = false
 $gridViewPagerParams = array()
 $emptyText = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from ModelView
- Protected Attributes inherited from View
 $cssClasses = array()
 $makeDefaultClassesFromClassHeirarchy = true

Detailed Description

The base View for a module's list view.

Definition at line 40 of file ListView.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $controllerId,
  $gridIdSuffix = null,
  $gridViewPagerParams = array(),
  $listAttributesSelector = null,
  $kanbanBoard = null 

Constructs a list view specifying the controller as well as the model that will have its details displayed.isDisplayAttributeACalculationOrModifier

Definition at line 95 of file ListView.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderContent ( )

Renders content for a list view. Utilizes a CActiveDataprovider and a CGridView widget. and form layout.

A string containing the element's content.

Definition at line 142 of file ListView.php.

getRowsAreSelectable ( )

For a Kanban Board view, the rows are never selectable.


Definition at line 187 of file ListView.php.

getCGridViewColumns ( )

Get the meta data and merge with standard CGridView column elements to create a column array that fits the CGridView columns API

Definition at line 337 of file ListView.php.

static getDefaultMetadata ( )

Returns meta data for use in automatically generating the view. The meta data is comprised of columns. The parameters match the parameters used in CGridView. See link below for more information.

The below example is a simple listview with the 'id' and 'name' attributes The 'name' column has a hyperlink to the detail view for that record.

$metadata = array(
'class' => 'CDataColumn',
'name' => 'id',
'class' => 'CLinkColumn',
'header' => Zurmo::t('Core', 'Name'),
'labelExpression' => '$data->name',
'urlExpression' => 'Yii::app()->createUrl("/{$this->grid->getOwner()->getModule()->getId()}/{$this->grid->getOwner()->getId()}/details", array("id" => $data->id))',

Definition at line 450 of file ListView.php.

static canRenderRowMenuColumnByElementAndData (   $element,

As you are rendering row columns, you can override this method to make it dependent on values within the data which is most likely a model.


Definition at line 462 of file ListView.php.

getActionModuleClassName ( )

Module class name for models linked from rows in the grid view.

Definition at line 565 of file ListView.php.

processColumnInfoToFetchColumnData (   $columnInformation)

Process input column information to fetch column data

Definition at line 605 of file ListView.php.

isHeaderHidden ( )

Checks if header cells have to be hidden


Definition at line 621 of file ListView.php.

resolveRowMenuColumnClass ( )

Resolve row menu column class.


Definition at line 630 of file ListView.php.

Field Documentation

$rowsAreSelectable = false

True/false to decide if each row in the list view widget will have a checkbox.

Definition at line 58 of file ListView.php.


Unique identifier of the list view widget. Allows for multiple list view widgets on a single page.

See Also

Definition at line 65 of file ListView.php.


Additional unique identifier.

See Also

Definition at line 71 of file ListView.php.


Array of model ids. Each id is for a different row checked off

Definition at line 76 of file ListView.php.

$gridViewPagerParams = array()

Array containing CGridViewPagerParams

Definition at line 81 of file ListView.php.

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