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Static Public Member Functions

static getMashableModelDataForCurrentUser ($includeHavingRelatedItems=true)
static getSearchAttributesDataByModelClassNamesAndRelatedItemIds ($modelClassNames, $relationItemIds, $ownedByFilter)
static getSortAttributesByMashableModelClassNames ($modelClassNames)
static resolveMashableModelClassNamesByFilteredBy ($mashableModelClassNames, $filteredByModelName)
static getCountByModelClassName ($modelClassName, $relationItemIds, $ownedByFilter)

Static Protected Member Functions

static shouldResolveSearchAttributeDataForLatestActivities ()

Detailed Description

Helper class for working with latest activity views.

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Member Function Documentation

static getMashableModelDataForCurrentUser ( includeHavingRelatedItems = true  )  [static]

Based on the current user, return model class names and thier display labels. Only include models that the user has a right to access its corresponding module, as well as only models that implement the MashableActivityInterface.

$includeHavingRelatedItems - if the returning data should include models that are mashable but are connected via activityItems. An example is accounts, a mission is not conneted to an account so if this setting is false, accounts would not be returned. Home/User are always returned.
array of model class names and display labels.

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static getSearchAttributesDataByModelClassNamesAndRelatedItemIds ( modelClassNames,
) [static]

Given an array of modelClassNames and relationItemIds build an array of searchAttributeData that can be used by the RedBeanModelsDataProvider to produce a union query of data.


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static shouldResolveSearchAttributeDataForLatestActivities (  )  [static, protected]

Reimplemented in DedupesActivitiesUtil.

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static getSortAttributesByMashableModelClassNames ( modelClassNames  )  [static]

Given an array of modelClassNames build an array of sortAttributeData that can be used by the RedBeanModelsDataProvider to produce a union query of data.

array $modelClassNames
array $modelClassNamesAndSortAttributes

Definition at line 127 of file LatestActivitiesUtil.php.

static resolveMashableModelClassNamesByFilteredBy ( mashableModelClassNames,
) [static]

Given an array of $mashableModelClassNames, filter out and return that array based on the $filteredByModelName value. If $filteredByModelName is set to LatestActivitiesConfigurationForm::FILTERED_BY_ALL then the array will be returned as it was passed in, otherwise filter the array to a specific model.

array $mashableModelClassNames
string $filteredByModelName
array of filtered $mashableModelClassNames

Definition at line 148 of file LatestActivitiesUtil.php.

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