LabelUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getUncapitalizedRecordLabelByCount ($count)
static getUncapitalizedModelLabelByCountAndModelClassName ($count, $modelClassName)
static getTranslationParamsForAllModules ()
static makeModelAndAttributeNameCombinationLabel ($modelClassName, $attributeName)
static getZurmoLabelParam ()

Detailed Description

Helper functionality for use in determining the correct label to display based on a dynamic piece of information.

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Member Function Documentation

static getUncapitalizedRecordLabelByCount ( count  )  [static]

Returns either record or records depending on input count

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static getUncapitalizedModelLabelByCountAndModelClassName ( count,
) [static]

Returns either a singular or plural model label depending on input count

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static getTranslationParamsForAllModules (  )  [static]

Module translation parameters are used by Zurmo::t as the third parameter to define the module labels. These parameter values resolve any custom module label names that have been specified in the module metadata.

array of key/value module label pairings. TODO: cache results after first retrieval on each page load. Potentially across mulitple page loads

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static makeModelAndAttributeNameCombinationLabel ( modelClassName,
) [static]

Given a model class name and an attribute name, make a label that combines the translated model and attribute names.

string $modelClassName
string $attributeName

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static getZurmoLabelParam (  )  [static]

Get zurmo label param.


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