JobsManagerUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static runFromJobManagerCommandOrBrowser ($type, $timeLimit, $messageLoggerClassName, &$isJobInProgress, $useMessageStreamer=true, $template="{message}\n", $lineBreak="\n")
static runMonitorJob (MessageLogger $messageLogger, &$isJobInProgress)
static makeMonitorStuckJobNotification ()
static runNonMonitorJob ($type, MessageLogger $messageLogger, &$isJobInProgress)
static isJobInProcessOverThreshold (JobInProcess $jobInProcess, $type)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getLocalizedDateTimeTimeZoneString ()

Detailed Description

A helper class for running normal jobs or the monitor job.

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Member Function Documentation

static runFromJobManagerCommandOrBrowser ( type,
&$  isJobInProgress,
useMessageStreamer = true,
template = "{message}\n",
lineBreak = "\n" 
) [static]
See also:
JobManagerCommand. This method is called from the JobManagerCommand which is a commandline tool to run jobs. Based on the 'type' specified this method will call to run the monitor or a regular non-monitor job.
bool $useMessageStreamer
string $template
string $lineBreak

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static runMonitorJob ( MessageLogger messageLogger,
&$  isJobInProgress 
) [static]
MessageLogger $messageLogger

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static runNonMonitorJob ( type,
MessageLogger messageLogger,
&$  isJobInProgress 
) [static]

Given a 'type' of job, run the job. This is for non-monitor jobs only.

MessageLogger $messageLogger

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static isJobInProcessOverThreshold ( JobInProcess jobInProcess,
) [static]

Given a model of a jobInProcess and the 'type' of job, determine if the job has been running too long. Jobs have defined maximum run times that they are allowed to be in process.

JobInProcess $jobInProcess
string $type
true/false - true if the job is over the allowed amount of time to run for.

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