JobQueue Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 add ($jobType, $delay=0)
 getAll ()
 deleteAll ()
 processAll ()
 isEnabled ()
 getQueueJobLabel ()
 getQueueJobAgainLabel ()
 processByJobTypeAndDelay ($jobType, $delay, MessageLogger $messageLogger)
 resolveToAddJobTypeByModelByDateTimeAttribute (RedBeanModel $model, $attributeName, $jobType)

Protected Attributes

 $queuedJobs = array()

Detailed Description

Helper class for managing job queues. Override as needed.

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Member Function Documentation

add ( jobType,
delay = 0 
string $jobType
int $delay - seconds to delay job

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processAll (  ) 

Override if there is processing to complete. see

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isEnabled (  ) 

Override and toggle as needed.


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resolveToAddJobTypeByModelByDateTimeAttribute ( RedBeanModel model,

For a given model, and dateTime attribute, resolve to add a job by the job type. The delay is calculated based on the value of the dateTime attribute

RedBeanModel $model

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