ImportWizardDataAnalysisCompleteView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($controllerId, $moduleId, ImportWizardForm $model, $columnNamesAndAttributeIndexOrDerivedTypeLabels, ImportDataProvider $dataProvider, array $mappingData)

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveConfigurationForm ()

Protected Member Functions

 renderFormLayout ($form=null)
 renderAfterFormLayout ($form)
 renderActionLinksContent ()
 renderNextPageLinkContent ()
 renderReanalyseLinkContent ()
 renderPreviousPageLinkContent ()
 renderStatusGroupsContent ()
 findCountByGroupDataAndStatus (array $groupData, $status)
 renderPreviousPageLinkLabel ()
 renderNextPageLinkLabel ()
 renderTitleContent ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static resolveConfigFormFromRequest (&$configurationForm)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

View for displaying the data analysis results after the data analysis runs in a sequential process. This step occurs after the import mapping view is completed.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( controllerId,
ImportWizardForm model,
ImportDataProvider dataProvider,
array $  mappingData 
string $controllerId
string $moduleId
ImportWizardForm $model
null $columnNamesAndAttributeIndexOrDerivedTypeLabels
ImportDataProvider $dataProvider
array $mappingData

Definition at line 67 of file ImportWizardDataAnalysisCompleteView.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderFormLayout ( form = null  )  [protected]

Override to handle the form layout for this view.

$form If the layout is editable, then pass a $form otherwise it can be null.
A string containing the element's content.

Reimplemented from DetailsView.

Definition at line 91 of file ImportWizardDataAnalysisCompleteView.php.

renderActionLinksContent (  )  [protected]

Override to include a reanalyze button

Reimplemented from ImportWizardView.

Definition at line 120 of file ImportWizardDataAnalysisCompleteView.php.

renderNextPageLinkContent (  )  [protected]

Override to specify step 6

Reimplemented from ImportWizardView.

Definition at line 144 of file ImportWizardDataAnalysisCompleteView.php.

renderPreviousPageLinkContent (  )  [protected]

Override if the view should show a previous link.

Reimplemented from ImportWizardView.

Definition at line 158 of file ImportWizardDataAnalysisCompleteView.php.

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