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ImportMappingRuleDefaultModelNameIdElement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ImportMappingRuleDefaultModelNameIdElement:
NameIdElement ModelElement DerivedElementInterface Element ElementActionTypeInterface ImportMappingRuleRoleModelNameIdElement

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($model, $attribute, $form=null, array $params=array())
- Public Member Functions inherited from NameIdElement
 setNameAttributeName ($nameAttributeName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModelElement
 doNotHideSelectLinkWhenDisabled ()
 setIdAttributeId ($idAttributeId)
 getEditableNameIds ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
 __construct ($model, $attribute, $form=null, array $params=array())
 render ()
 getEditableNameIds ()
 getAttribute ()
 renderAsControlNonEditable ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getModuleId ()
static getModelAttributeNames ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from NameIdElement
static getModelAttributeNames ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModelElement
static getModuleId ()
static getEditableActionType ()
static getNonEditableActionType ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Element
static getDisplayName ()
static isReadOnly ()
static resolveInputNameForEditableInput ($attributeName)
static resolveInputNamePrefixIntoString ($inputNamePrefix)
static resolveInputIdPrefixIntoString ($inputIdPrefix)

Protected Member Functions

 resolveModuleId ()
 getModalTitleForSelectingModel ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from NameIdElement
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 renderLabel ()
 renderError ()
 getIdForHiddenField ()
 getNameForHiddenField ()
 getIdForTextField ()
 getNameForTextField ()
 getIdForSelectLink ()
 getName ()
 getId ()
 getResolvedModel ()
 resolveSourceModelIdForModalTransferInformation ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ModelElement
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderEditableContent ()
 wrapHasModelSelectInput (&$content)
 getIdInputHtmlOptions ()
 renderTextField ($idInputName)
 resolveAdditionalHtmlOptionsForTextField ($idInputName)
 getAutoCompleteUrlParams ()
 getAutoCompleteControllerId ()
 renderSelectLink ()
 getSelectLinkUrlParams ()
 resolveAjaxOptionsForSelectingModel ($formId)
 getModalTitleForSelectingModel ()
 getModalContainerId ()
 getSelectLinkControllerId ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 makeNonEditableLink ()
 makeNonEditableLinkUrl ()
 renderLabel ()
 getIdForHiddenField ()
 getNameForHiddenField ()
 getIdForTextField ()
 getNameForTextField ()
 getIdForSelectLink ()
 getName ()
 getId ()
 getResolvedModel ()
 getModalTransferInformation ()
 resolveSourceModelIdForModalTransferInformation ()
 getSelectLinkStartingStyle ()
 showLinkOnNonEditable ()
 showOnlyHiddenInputForEditable ()
 resolveModuleId ()
 registerScriptForAutoCompleteTextField ()
 getOnSelectOptionForAutoComplete ($idInputName)
 resolveOnSelectionOptionAttributeNameForAutoComplete ()
 renderExtraHtmlContent ()
 renderClearLink ()
 renderClearLinkContent ()
 resolveClearLinkHtmlOptions ()
 registerClearLinkScripts ()
 registerIdHiddenInputChangeScript ()
 registerClearLinkClickScript ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Element
 renderLabel ()
 resolveIdForLabel ()
 getFormattedAttributeLabel ()
 resolveNonActiveFormFormattedLabel ($label)
 renderError ()
 renderScopedErrorId ($inputNameIdPrefix, $attribute)
 renderEditable ()
 renderNonEditable ()
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 getColumnSpan ()
 getDisabledValue ()
 getHtmlOptions ()
 resolveContentTemplate ($template, $data)
 getEditableInputId ($attributeName=null, $relationAttributeName=null)
 getEditableInputName ($attributeName=null, $relationAttributeName=null)
 resolveInputPrefix ()
 resolveInputIdPrefix ()
 resolveInputNamePrefix ()
 getListViewGridId ()

Protected Attributes

 $idAttributeId = 'defaultModelId'
 $nameAttributeName = 'defaultModelStringifiedName'
- Protected Attributes inherited from NameIdElement
- Protected Attributes inherited from ModelElement
 $controllerId = 'default'
 $idAttributeId = 'id'
 $hideSelectLinkWhenDisabled = true
- Protected Attributes inherited from Element

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from ModelElement
const MODAL_CONTAINER_PREFIX = 'modalContainer'
const CLEAR_LINK_ID = 'clear-link'
- Data Fields inherited from Element
 $editableTemplate = '<th>{label}</th><td colspan="{colspan}">{content}{error}</td>'
 $nonEditableTemplate = '<th>{label}</th><td colspan="{colspan}">{content}</td>'
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from NameIdElement
static $moduleId
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ModelElement
static $moduleId
static $autoCompleteActionId = 'autoComplete'
static $modalActionId = 'modalList'
static $editableActionType = 'ModalList'
static $nonEditableActionType = 'Details'

Detailed Description

Element used in the import mapping process. This is used specifically for relation attributes where a model modal popup/auto-complete input are needed. Unlike other overrides of NameIdElement, this class is not tied to a specific model and can be used with any model class.

Definition at line 42 of file ImportMappingRuleDefaultModelNameIdElement.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $model,
  $form = null,
array  $params = array() 

Override to ensure the model is the correct type of model. Also nullifying the attribute since it will not be used by this element. Setting the null to a string version of 'null' which is how the view metadata normally sends this value in.

Definition at line 53 of file ImportMappingRuleDefaultModelNameIdElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

resolveModuleId ( )

Override to get the correct module Id. In the typical use of NameIdElement, the module id is statically defined on the overrides, but since this element is used in a dynamic way and not attached to any particular model, this override is necessary.

See Also

Definition at line 66 of file ImportMappingRuleDefaultModelNameIdElement.php.

static getModelAttributeNames ( )

Get the attributeNames of attributes used in the derived element.

array of model attributeNames used.

Implements DerivedElementInterface.

Definition at line 84 of file ImportMappingRuleDefaultModelNameIdElement.php.

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