ImportMappingRuleDefaultDropDownFormElement Class Reference

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ImportMappingRuleStaticDropDownFormElement StaticDropDownFormElement StaticDropDownElement DropDownElement Element ImportMappingRuleDefaultMultiSelectDropDownFormElement

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($model, $attribute, $form=null, array $params=array())

Protected Member Functions

 getAddBlank ()
 getDropDownArray ()

Detailed Description

Element used by the import mapping process. This is similar to the StaticDropDownElement in how the input id/name pairings are constructed. The $this->model->$this->attribute is not a CustomField model. The CustomField->data is an attribute on the model itself as the 'data' attribute. This class contains the necessary overrides to support this.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( model,
form = null,
array $  params = array() 

Constructs the element specifying the model and attribute. In the case of needing to show editable information, a form is also provided.

$form Optional. If supplied an editable element will be rendered.
$params Can have additional parameters for use. 'wide' true or false is an example parameter

Reimplemented from Element.

Reimplemented in ImportMappingRuleDefaultMultiSelectDropDownFormElement.

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Member Function Documentation

getAddBlank (  )  [protected]

Override to always return true since a blank should always be here.

See also:

Reimplemented from DropDownElement.

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