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Public Member Functions

 filters ()
 actionIndex ()
 actionStep1 ()
 actionStep2 ($id)
 actionStep3 ($id)
 actionStep4 ($id)
 actionStep5 ($id, $step=null, $pageSize=null)
 actionStep6 ($id, $step=null, $pageSize=null)
 actionMappingRulesEdit ($id, $attributeIndexOrDerivedType, $columnName, $columnType)
 actionMappingAddExtraMappingRow ($id, $columnCount)
 actionSampleRow ($id)
 actionUploadFile ($filesVariableName, $id)
 actionDeleteFile ($id)
 actionUpdate ($id, $attribute, $item, $value)

Protected Member Functions

 resolveFilteredByStatus ()
 resolveResettingPageOnCompletion (ImportDataProvider $dataProvider)
 makeImportCompleteView (Import $import, ImportWizardForm $importWizardForm, ImportDataProvider $dataProvider, $setCurrentPageToFirst=false, $pageSize=null)
 attemptToValidateImportWizardFormAndSave ($importWizardForm, $import, $redirectAction)
 makeDataProviderForSampleRow ($import, $firstRowIsHeaderRow)
 getImportPageView ($progressBarAndStepsView, $importView)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

actionStep1 (  ) 

Step 1. Select the module to import data into.

Definition at line 58 of file DefaultController.php.

actionStep2 ( id  ) 

Step 2. Upload the csv to import.

Definition at line 94 of file DefaultController.php.

actionStep3 ( id  ) 

Step 3. Decide permissions for upload.

Definition at line 145 of file DefaultController.php.

actionStep4 ( id  ) 

Step 4. Import mapping

Definition at line 166 of file DefaultController.php.

actionStep5 ( id,
step = null,
pageSize = null 

Step 5. Analyze data in a sequential process.

integer id - Import model id
string $step

Definition at line 254 of file DefaultController.php.

actionStep6 ( id,
step = null,
pageSize = null 

Step 6. Sanitize and create/update models using a sequential process.

integer $id - Import model id
null|string $step
null|int $pageSize

Definition at line 363 of file DefaultController.php.

actionMappingRulesEdit ( id,

Step 4 ajax process. When you change the attribute dropdown, new mapping rule information is retrieved and displayed in the user interface.

Definition at line 466 of file DefaultController.php.

actionMappingAddExtraMappingRow ( id,

Step 4 ajax process. When you click the 'Add Field' button in the user interface, this ajax action is called and makes an extra row to display for mapping.

Definition at line 496 of file DefaultController.php.

actionUploadFile ( filesVariableName,

Ajax action called from user interface to upload an import file. If a file for this import model is already uploaded, then this will overwrite it.

string $filesVariableName
string $id (should be integer, but php type casting doesn't work so well)

Definition at line 549 of file DefaultController.php.

actionDeleteFile ( id  ) 

Ajax action to delete an import file that was uploaded. Will drop the temporary table created for the import.

string $id

Definition at line 627 of file DefaultController.php.

attemptToValidateImportWizardFormAndSave ( importWizardForm,
) [protected]

Generic method that is used by all steps to validate and saved the ImportWizardForm and Import model.

object $importWizardForm
object $import
string $redirectAction

Definition at line 639 of file DefaultController.php.

makeDataProviderForSampleRow ( import,
) [protected]
Import $import
bool $firstRowIsHeaderRow

Definition at line 666 of file DefaultController.php.

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