ImportDataAnalyzerTest Class Reference

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ImportBaseTest ZurmoBaseTest BaseTest

Public Member Functions

 testBooleanAcceptableValuesMappingAndSqlOneOfString ()
 testImportDataAnalysisResultsForMultiSelectWithNothingWrong ()
 testImportDataAnalysisResultsForMultiSelectMissingMappingRuleForm ()
 testImportDataAnalysisResults ()
 testMinimumLengthsUsingBatchAnalyzers ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()
static getDependentTestModelClassNames ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

testBooleanAcceptableValuesMappingAndSqlOneOfString (  ) 

This test was needed because of the wierd type casting issues with 0 and 1 and '1' and '0' as keys in an array. '0' and '1' turn into integers which they shouldn't and this messes up the oneOf sql query builder. Additionally on some versions of MySQL, 0,1 in a NOT IN, will evaluate true to 'abc' which it shouldn't. As a result the 0/1 boolean values have been removed from the BooleanSanitizerUtil::getAcceptableValues().

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testImportDataAnalysisResultsForMultiSelectWithNothingWrong (  ) 


Definition at line 114 of file ImportDataAnalyzerTest.php.

testImportDataAnalysisResultsForMultiSelectMissingMappingRuleForm (  ) 

It should not throw an exception even though the mappingRuleForm is missing. This could happen if the multi-select default value is unselected entirely testImportDataAnalysisResultsForMultiSelectWithNothingWrong

Definition at line 155 of file ImportDataAnalyzerTest.php.

testImportDataAnalysisResults (  ) 


Definition at line 192 of file ImportDataAnalyzerTest.php.

testMinimumLengthsUsingBatchAnalyzers (  ) 


Definition at line 695 of file ImportDataAnalyzerTest.php.

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