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ImageFileModelUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static readImageFromCache ($fileName, $shouldGetThumbnail=false)
static getUrlForActionUpload ()
static getUrlForActionGetUploaded ()
static getUrlForGetImageFromImageFileName ($fileName, $shouldReturnForThumbnail=false)
static getImageSummary (ImageFileModel $imageFileModel, $layout=null)
static getLink ($linkText, $class, $type)
static getImageFileNameWithDimensions ($imageFileName, $width, $height)
static getImageFromHtmlImgTag ($htmlContent)
static saveImageFromTemporaryFile ($tempFilePath, $name)
static importFromUrl ($url)

Static Protected Member Functions

static resolveWidthAndHeightAttributesIfTheyAreMissing (ImageFileModel $imageFileModel)
static getEditLink ()
static getSelectLink ()
static resolveInsertLink ($imageFileModel)
static getDefaultLayout ()
static resolveImageName (&$name, $mimeType)

Detailed Description

Helper class to deal with

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Member Function Documentation

static readImageFromCache (   $fileName,
  $shouldGetThumbnail = false 

Reads image or thumb if it exists on cache. If it don't exists cache it from the ImageFileModel first

$fileNameThe filename of image
bool$shouldGetThumbnailTrue if we want the thumbnail of the image

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