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IdValueTypeSanitizerUtil Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for IdValueTypeSanitizerUtil:
ExternalSystemIdSuppportedSanitizerUtil SanitizerUtil ModelDerivedIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil ModelIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil RelatedModelNameOrIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil SelfIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil AccountDerivedIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil ContactDerivedIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil ImportModelTestItem3DerivedIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil OpportunityDerivedIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil RoleValueTypeSanitizerUtil

Public Member Functions

 analyzeByRow (RedBean_OODBBean $rowBean)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SanitizerUtil
 sanitizeValue ($value)
 analyzeByRow (RedBean_OODBBean $rowBean)
 __construct ($modelClassName, $attributeName, $columnName, array $columnMappingData, ImportSanitizeResultsUtil $importSanitizeResultsUtil=null, $penultimateModelClassName, $penultimateAttributeName, $explicitReadWriteModelPermissions=null)
 shouldSanitizeValue ()
 getAnalysisMessages ()
 getShouldSkipRow ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getLinkedMappingRuleType ()
static shouldNotSaveModelOnSanitizingValueFailure ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ExternalSystemIdSuppportedSanitizerUtil
static getModelByExternalSystemIdAndModelClassName ($id, $modelClassName)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SanitizerUtil
static getType ()
static getLinkedMappingRuleType ()
static shouldNotSaveModelOnSanitizingValueFailure ()

Protected Member Functions

 resolveFindingModelDuringAnalysis ($found, RedBean_OODBBean $rowBean)
 resolveExternalSystemIdValueIsTooLong (RedBean_OODBBean $rowBean)
 resolveForUnfoundModel (RedBean_OODBBean $rowBean)
 ensureTypeValueIsValid ($type)
 assertMappingRuleDataIsValid ()
 resolveMappingRuleDataType ()
 init ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ExternalSystemIdSuppportedSanitizerUtil
 resolveFoundIdByValue ($value)
 resolveAttributeModelClassName (RedBeanModel $model, $attributeName)
 resolveForFoundModel ()
 resolveFoundExternalSystemIdByValue ($value)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SanitizerUtil
 init ()
 assertMappingRuleDataIsValid ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from ExternalSystemIdSuppportedSanitizerUtil
 $externalSystemIdMaxLength = 40
- Protected Attributes inherited from SanitizerUtil
 $analysisMessages = array()
 $shouldSkipRow = false
 $columnMappingData = array()
 $mappingRuleData = array()
 $explicitReadWriteModelPermissions = null

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SanitizerUtil
static resolveMappingRuleData ($columnMappingData)

Detailed Description

Sanitizer for attributes that are models, and handling the values that represent the ids of those models. If you are importing a related account on a contact, this would be used for the account id, not the contact id. To sanitize for the contact id in this example, you would use

See Also

Data analyzer for columns mapped to attributes that are either ids or relation ids. For importing ids, there are several approved value types including a zurmo model id as well as an external system id that can be used to maintain key integerity during the entirety of a data import.

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Member Function Documentation

static shouldNotSaveModelOnSanitizingValueFailure ( )

If a model id value is invalid, then skip the entire row during import.

Definition at line 63 of file IdValueTypeSanitizerUtil.php.

analyzeByRow ( RedBean_OODBBean  $rowBean)

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ensureTypeValueIsValid (   $type)

Ensure the type is an accepted type.


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