HasOneModelAttributeForm Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for HasOneModelAttributeForm:
AttributeForm ConfigurableMetadataModel AccountAttributeForm ContactAttributeForm OpportunityAttributeForm ProductAttributeForm ProductTemplateAttributeForm ProjectAttributeForm UserAttributeForm

Public Member Functions

 getHasOneModelClassName ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getModelAttributeAdapterNameForSavingAttributeFormData ()

Detailed Description

Base class for working with relations that are hasOne and display in the user interface to be selected. An example is an account picked from an opportunity.

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Member Function Documentation

static getModelAttributeAdapterNameForSavingAttributeFormData (  )  [static]
getHasOneModelClassName (  ) 
string, the type is also the name of the model for children that extend this class. This method should be refactored if that changes in the future.

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