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GroupsModule Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GroupsModule:
SecurableModule Module

Public Member Functions

 canDisable ()
 getDependencies ()
 getRootModelNames ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 getName ()
 isEnabled ()
 canDisable ()
 setIsEnabled ($isEnabled)
 getDependencies ()
 getEnabledDependencies ($temp=null)
 getRootModelNamesIncludingDependencies ()
 getRootModelNames ()
 getConfigurationView ()
 getDesignerMenuItems ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getTranslatedRightsLabels ()
static getDefaultMetadata ()
static getPrimaryModelName ()
static getAccessRight ()
static getCreateRight ()
static getDeleteRight ()
static getDefaultDataMakerClassName ()
static getDemoDataMakerClassNames ()
static resolveEveryoneDisplayLabel ()
static setEveryoneDisplayLabel ($label)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SecurableModule
static getRightsNames ()
static getTranslatedRightsLabels ()
static getPolicyNames ()
static getTranslatedPolicyLabels ()
static getAuditEventNames ()
static stringifyAuditEvent (AuditEvent $auditEvent, $format= 'long')
static getPolicyRulesTypes ()
static getPolicyDefault ($policyName)
static isPolicyYesNo ($value)
static getAccessRight ()
static getCreateRight ()
static getDeleteRight ()
static getSecurableModuleDisplayName ()
static hasPermissions ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Module
static getModuleObjects ()
static getDependenciesForModule (Module $module, $dependencies=array())
static getDirectoryName ()
static getSingularCamelCasedName ()
static getPluralCamelCasedName ()
static getModuleLabelByTypeAndLanguage ($type, $language=null)
static getStrongerPolicy ($policyName, array $values)
static getPolicyRulesTypes ()
static getTabMenuItems ($user=null)
static getAdminTabMenuItems ($user=null)
static getConfigureMenuItems ()
static getConfigureSubMenuItems ()
static getShortCutsCreateMenuItems ()
static getPrimaryModelName ()
static getGlobalSearchFormClassName ()
static modelsAreNeverGloballySearched ()
static hasAtLeastOneGlobalSearchAttributeName ()
static getStateMetadataAdapterClassName ()
static getMetadata (User $user=null)
static setMetadata (array $metadata, User $user=null)
static getDefaultMetadata ()
static getViewClassNames ()
static getModelClassNames ()
static getAllClassNamesByPathFolder ($folder)
static getDefaultDataMakerClassName ()
static getDemoDataMakerClassNames ()
static isReportable ()
static canHaveWorkflow ()
static canHaveContentTemplates ()
static canShowOnCalendar ()

Data Fields

const RIGHT_CREATE_GROUPS = 'Create Groups'
const RIGHT_DELETE_GROUPS = 'Delete Groups'
const RIGHT_ACCESS_GROUPS = 'Access Groups Tab'

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
static getSingularModuleLabel ($language)
static getPluralModuleLabel ($language)
static getCustomModuleLabelByTypeAndLanguage ($type, $language)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SecurableModule
static $policyDefaults = array()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file GroupsModule.php.

Member Function Documentation

static resolveEveryoneDisplayLabel ( )

Resolves the everyone display label for a custom label


Definition at line 125 of file GroupsModule.php.

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