GameBadgeRules Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GameBadgeRules:
CreateAccountGameBadgeRules CreateCallGameBadgeRules CreateCampaignGameBadgeRules CreateCommentGameBadgeRules CreateContactGameBadgeRules CreateConversationGameBadgeRules CreateEmailTemplateGameBadgeRules CreateLeadGameBadgeRules CreateMarketingListGameBadgeRules CreateMeetingGameBadgeRules CreateMissionGameBadgeRules CreateNoteGameBadgeRules CreateOpportunityGameBadgeRules CreateProductGameBadgeRules CreateProductTemplateGameBadgeRules CreateProjectGameBadgeRules CreateReportGameBadgeRules CreateSocialItemGameBadgeRules CreateTaskGameBadgeRules CreateWorkflowGameBadgeRules EarlyBirdGameBadgeRules LoginUserGameBadgeRules MassEditModelsGameBadgeRules NightOwlGameBadgeRules SearchModelsGameBadgeRules WinOpportunityGameBadgeRules

Static Public Member Functions

static getPassiveDisplayLabel ($value)
static getItemCountByGrade ($grade)
static getType ()
static getBadgeRulesData ()
static badgeGradeUserShouldHaveByPointsAndScores ($userPointsByType, $userScoresByType)
static hasBonusPointsOnCreation ()
static hasBonusPointsOnGradeChange ()
static getNewBonusPointType ()
static getNewBonusPointValue ()
static getGradeBonusPointType ()
static getGradeBonusPointValue ($grade)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getBadgeGradeByValue ($value)

Detailed Description

Base class defining rules for game badges

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Member Function Documentation

static getItemCountByGrade ( grade  )  [static]
int $grade

Definition at line 50 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getType (  )  [static]
The type of the GameBadgeRules

Definition at line 59 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getBadgeRulesData (  )  [static]
array of available badge rule class names

Definition at line 69 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getBadgeGradeByValue ( value  )  [static, protected]
int $value

Definition at line 105 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static hasBonusPointsOnCreation (  )  [static]

For a given badge, when it is first received by a user, are there bonus points?


Definition at line 123 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static hasBonusPointsOnGradeChange (  )  [static]

For a given badge, when it has a grade change for a user, are there bonus points?


Definition at line 132 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getNewBonusPointType (  )  [static]
null if no bonus points for receiving the badge, or returns integer.

Definition at line 140 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getNewBonusPointValue (  )  [static]

Implement in child class.

null if no bonus points for changing the grade of a badge, or returns integer.

Definition at line 149 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getGradeBonusPointType (  )  [static]
Point type of the bonus points.

Definition at line 157 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

static getGradeBonusPointValue ( grade  )  [static]
integer $grade
integer of point value based on specified grade.

Definition at line 166 of file GameBadgeRules.php.

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