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Public Member Functions

 init ()
 run ()

Data Fields

const DOWNLOAD_TEMPLATE_ID = 'template-download'
const UPLOAD_TEMPLATE_ID = 'template-upload'
 $cssFile = null
 $assetFolderName = 'fileUpload'
 $allowMultipleUpload = false
 $showMaxSize = true

Protected Member Functions

 makeDownloadRowScriptContent ()
 makeUploadRowScriptContent ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static renderMaxSizeContent ($maxSize, $showMaxSize)

Detailed Description

Render a file upload element that can allow for multiple file uploads and calls ajax to upload the files to the server as you add them. Utilizes file upload plugin here:

Definition at line 42 of file FileUpload.php.

Member Function Documentation

init (  ) 

Initializes the widget. This method will publish JUI assets if necessary. It will also register jquery and JUI JavaScript files and the theme CSS file. If you override this method, make sure you call the parent implementation first.

Reimplemented from ZurmoWidget.

Definition at line 140 of file FileUpload.php.

Field Documentation

Initial value:
                                   'jquery.fileupload-ui.js', 'jquery.tmpl.min.js', 'jquery.iframe-transport.js')

Reimplemented from ZurmoWidget.

Definition at line 48 of file FileUpload.php.

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