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ExtendedGridView Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExtendedGridView:
CampaignItemsExtendedGridView ImportTempTableExtendedGridView ProductPortletExtendedGridView ReportResultsExtendedGridView StackedExtendedGridView KanbanBoardExtendedGridView TaskKanbanBoardExtendedGridView

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 renderTopPager ()
 renderBottomPager ()
 renderPager ()
 renderSummary ()
 renderEmptyText ()
 renderKeys ()
 renderTableHeader ()

Data Fields

const CLONE_SUMMARY_CLASS = 'list-view-items-summary-clone'
 $template = "{selectRowsSelectors}{summary}\n{items}\n{pager}"
 $nullDisplay = ' '
 $blankDisplay = ' '
 $cssFile = false
 $renderSpanOnEmptyText = true
 $tableColumnGroup = array()

Protected Member Functions

 renderTableColumnGroup ()

Detailed Description

Extends the yii CGridView to provide additional functionality.

See Also
CGridView class

Definition at line 43 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderTopPager ( )

Renders the top pager content

Definition at line 85 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

renderBottomPager ( )

Renders the bottom pager content

Definition at line 117 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

renderPager ( )

Override to always render pager div if paging is enabled. (non-PHPdoc)

See Also

Definition at line 151 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

renderSummary ( )

Renders the summary-clone changer. When the summary changes, it should update the summary-clone in the searchview if it is available. The ModalListView does not rely on this because it does not run jquery.globalEval on ajax changes such as pagination. It instead will call processListViewSummaryClone which is decleared

See Also

Definition at line 185 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

renderEmptyText ( )

Renders the empty message when there is no data.

Definition at line 196 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

renderKeys ( )

Overridden CBaseListView::renderKeys() Sets absolute url for contextive external requests

Definition at line 222 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

renderTableHeader ( )

Renders the table header.

Definition at line 239 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

Field Documentation

$nullDisplay = ' '

Override to have proper XHTML compliant space value

Definition at line 52 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

$blankDisplay = ' '

Override to have proper XHTML compliant space value

Definition at line 57 of file ExtendedGridView.php.

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