EndRequestBehavior Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 attach ($owner)
 handleSaveGlobalStateCheck ($event)
 handleEndLogRouteEvents ($event)
 handleResolveRedBeanQueriesToFile ($event)
 handleEndRequest ($event)
 handleGamification ($event)
 handleJobQueue ($event)

Detailed Description

Called when Yii::app->end(0, false) is called. You should always call end with the second parameter set to false. This behavior exists so that during unit tests this behavior can be switched for a behavior that raises an exception instead of exiting.

Definition at line 43 of file EndRequestBehavior.php.

Member Function Documentation

handleGamification ( event  ) 

Process any points that need to be tabulated based on scoring that occurred during the request.

CEvent $event

Definition at line 114 of file EndRequestBehavior.php.

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