EmailHelper Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 loadDefaultFromAndToAddresses ()
 loadOutboundSettingsFromUserEmailAccount (User $user, $name=null)
 setOutboundSettings ()
 send (EmailMessage $emailMessage)
 sendImmediately (EmailMessage $emailMessage)
 sendQueued ()
 getQueuedCount ()
 resolveFromAddressByUser (User $user)
 resolveAndGetDefaultFromAddress ()
 setDefaultFromAddress ($defaultFromAddress)
 resolveAndGetDefaultTestToAddress ()
 setDefaultTestToAddress ($defaultTestToAddress)

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveDefaultEmailAddress ($defaultEmailAddress)

Data Fields

const OUTBOUND_TYPE_SMTP = 'smtp'
 $outboundType = self::OUTBOUND_TYPE_SMTP
 $outboundPort = 25
 $htmlConverter = null

Protected Member Functions

 loadOutboundSettings ()
 processMessageAsFailure (EmailMessage $emailMessage)
 populateMailer (Mailer $mailer, EmailMessage $emailMessage)
 sendEmail (Mailer $mailer, EmailMessage $emailMessage)
 getOutboundMailer ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Component for working with outbound and inbound email transport

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Member Function Documentation

init (  ) 

Called once per page load, will load up outbound settings from the database if available. (non-PHPdoc)

See also:

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loadDefaultFromAndToAddresses (  ) 

Used to load defaultFromAddress and defaultTestToAddress

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loadOutboundSettingsFromUserEmailAccount ( User user,
name = null 

Load user's outbound settings from user's email account or the system settings

User $user
string $name EmailAccount name or null for default name

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setOutboundSettings (  ) 

Set outbound settings into the database.

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send ( EmailMessage emailMessage  ) 

Send an email message. This will queue up the email to be sent by the queue sending process. If you want to send immediately, consider using

EmailMessage $emailMessage

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sendImmediately ( EmailMessage emailMessage  ) 

Use this method to send immediately, instead of putting an email in a queue to be processed by a scheduled job.

EmailMessage $emailMessage
NotSupportedException - if the emailMessage does not properly save.

Definition at line 258 of file EmailHelper.php.

sendQueued (  ) 

Call this method to process all email Messages in the queue. This is typically called by a scheduled job or cron. This will process all emails in a TYPE_OUTBOX folder or TYPE_OUTBOX_ERROR folder. If the message has already been sent 3 times then it will be moved to a failure folder.

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getQueuedCount (  ) 
integer count of how many emails are queued to go. This means they are in either the TYPE_OUTBOX folder or the TYPE_OUTBOX_ERROR folder.

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resolveFromAddressByUser ( User user  ) 

Given a user, attempt to get the user's email address, but if it is not available, then return the default address.

See also:
User $user

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Field Documentation

$settingsToLoad [protected]
Initial value:

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