EmailArchivingJobTest Class Reference

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ZurmoBaseTest BaseTest

Public Member Functions

 setup ()
 testRunCaseOne ()
 testRunCaseTwo ()
 testRunCaseThree ()
 testRunCaseFour ()
 testRunCaseFive ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()
static tearDownAfterClass ()

Static Public Attributes

static $userMailer
static $userImap
static $emailHelperSendEmailThroughTransport

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

testRunCaseOne (  ) 

Test case when user send email to somebody, and cc to dropbox This shouldn't happen in reality, because recipient will see that message is sent to dropbox folder too

Definition at line 127 of file EmailArchivingJobTest.php.

testRunCaseTwo (  ) 

Test case when user send email to somebody, and bcc to dropbox This is best practice to be used in reality, because other recipients will not see that user bcc-ed email to dropbox.


Definition at line 202 of file EmailArchivingJobTest.php.

testRunCaseThree (  ) 

Test case when somebody send email to Zurmo user, and user forward it to dropbox


Definition at line 279 of file EmailArchivingJobTest.php.

testRunCaseFour (  ) 

Test case when sender email is not user primary email. In this case system should send notification to superadmin.


Definition at line 370 of file EmailArchivingJobTest.php.

testRunCaseFive (  ) 

Check if only new messages are pulled from dropdown Also check case if message will be matched with user/contact/account primary email


Definition at line 426 of file EmailArchivingJobTest.php.

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