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DesignerRules AccountModalCreateViewDesignerRules DetailsViewOnlyForUserOwnerEditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules MergedEditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules

Public Member Functions

 getCellSettingsAttributes ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getNonPlaceableLayoutAttributeNames ()
 getPanelSettingsAttributes ()
 getSavableMetadataRules ()
 maxCellsPerRow ()
 requireAllRequiredFieldsInLayout ()
 requireOnlyUniqueFieldsInLayout ()
 canConfigureLayoutPanelsType ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static doesRuleApplyToElement ($rule, $elementInformation, $viewClassName)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

getNonPlaceableLayoutAttributeNames (  ) 

Override if a rule requires that certain attributes be made not available for placement using the layout tool

Reimplemented from DesignerRules.

Reimplemented in AccountModalCreateViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 51 of file EditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules.php.

static doesRuleApplyToElement ( rule,
) [static, protected]

This override is here because sometimes certain elements should not be modified based on the SavableMetadataRules. An example is the contact status that should never show a blank entry for the edit view.

string $rule
array $elementInformation
string $viewClassName

Reimplemented from DesignerRules.

Definition at line 104 of file EditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules.php.

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