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DynamicSearchUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getSearchableAttributesAndLabels ($viewClassName, $modelClassName)
static getCellElement ($viewClassName, $modelClassName, $elementName)
static resolveAndAddViewDefinedNestedAttributes ($model, $viewClassName, &$attributeIndexOrDerivedTypeAndLabels)
static renderDynamicSearchAttributeInput ($viewClassName, $modelClassName, $formModelClassName, $rowNumber, $attributeIndexOrDerivedType, $searchAttributes=array(), $suffix=null)
static renderDynamicSearchRowContent ($viewClassName, $modelClassName, $formModelClassName, $rowNumber, $attributeIndexOrDerivedType, $inputContent, $suffix=null, $renderAsAjax=false)
static resolveDynamicSearchClausesForModelIdsNeedingToBeItemIds ($modelClassName, &$dynamicClauses)

Static Protected Member Functions

static makeDefinedNestedAttributeIndexOrDerivedTypeRecursively ($model, &$attributeIndexOrDerivedLabel, $definedNestedAttribute)

Detailed Description

Helper class for working with advanced search panel.

Definition at line 40 of file DynamicSearchUtil.php.

Member Function Documentation

static resolveDynamicSearchClausesForModelIdsNeedingToBeItemIds (   $modelClassName,

This function is used only for API calls. Because for some relations, we are using Item model, which is hidden in API call, so we let API clients to provide us modelClassName and modelId, and this util will convert them into Item id. Recoursevly go over all clauses, and check if there are MANY-MANY relations with Item model. If yes, then convert modelVlassName and modelId, into itemId.


Definition at line 314 of file DynamicSearchUtil.php.

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