DynamicSearchDataProviderMetadataAdapter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct (array $metadata, SearchForm $model, $userId, $sanitizedDynamicSearchAttributes, $dynamicStructure)
 getAdaptedDataProviderMetadata ()

Static Public Member Functions

static numberToLetter ($num, $uppercase=false)

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

 processData ($searchAttributes, &$clauseCount, &$correctlyPositionedClauses, &$metadata)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getAlphaCodeByInteger ($integer)
static resolveUnsetAndGetSructurePosition (&$searchAttribute)
static resolveUnsetAttributeIndexOrDerivedType (&$searchAttribute)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Adapter class to manipulate dynamic search information for metadata.

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Member Function Documentation

getAdaptedDataProviderMetadata (  ) 

Creates where clauses and adds structure information to existing DataProvider metadata.

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static getAlphaCodeByInteger ( integer  )  [static, protected]
6 digit alpha code that can be swapped later for the proper structure.
Integer $integer

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static numberToLetter ( num,
uppercase = false 
) [static]

Public for testing purposes Takes a number and converts it to a-z,aa-zz,aaa-zzz, etc with uppercase option

int number to convert
bool upper case the letter on return?
string letters from number input

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