DropDownDependencyToMappingLayoutAdapter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($modelClassName, $attributeName, $maxDepth)
 makeDependencyCollectionByMappingData ($mappingData)
 getCustomFieldAttributesNotUsedInOtherDependencyAttributes ()

Protected Member Functions

 resolveAvailableCustomFieldAttributes (&$availableCustomFieldAttributes, $parentAttributeName)
 getAttributeCustomFieldData ($attributeName)
 resolveValuesToParentValues ($dependencyData)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Helper class to adapt a drop down dependency mapping into a dependency collection that can be utilized by the mapping layout to display in the user interface.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( modelClassName,
string $modelClassName
string $attributeName
integer $maxDepth

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Member Function Documentation

makeDependencyCollectionByMappingData ( mappingData  ) 

Given an array of mapping data, create a collection of DropDownDependencyCustomFieldMapping objects. Include the unmapped objects as well. For example, if the mapping data only has mappings for 2 attributes, based on the

See also:
$this->maxDepth, it should make additional DropDownDependencyCustomFieldMapping if required.
array $mappingData
array of DropDownDependencyCustomFieldMapping objects.

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getCustomFieldAttributesNotUsedInOtherDependencyAttributes (  ) 

Public for testing only.

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