DetailsViewFormLayout Class Reference

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FormLayout CalendarItemDetailsViewFormLayout

Public Member Functions

 labelsHaveOwnCells ($hasOwnCells)
 render ()
 setMorePanelsLinkLabel ($label)
 setLessPanelsLinkLabel ($label)

Data Fields

 $alwaysShowErrorSummary = false

Protected Member Functions

 resolveStartingTableTagAndColumnQuantityClass ($panel)
 resolveRowWrapperTag (&$content, $cellsContent)
 renderPanelHeaderByPanelNumberAndPanel ($panelNumber, $panel)
 renderDivTagByPanelNumber ($panelNumber)
 renderLastPanelRowsByPanelNumber ($panelNumber)
 renderScripts ()
 resolveFormLayoutContent ($content)
 shouldHidePanelsAfterFirstPanel ()
 shouldRenderTabbedPanels ()
 addTabsContent ($content)
 getTabsContent ()
 getMorePanelsLinkLabel ()
 getLessPanelsLinkLabel ()

Protected Attributes

 $labelsHaveOwnCells = true

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

labelsHaveOwnCells ( hasOwnCells  ) 

Set the labels to have their own cells or not.

boolean $hasOwnCells

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render (  ) 

Render a form layout. Gets appropriate meta data and loops through it. Builds form content as it loops through. For each element in the form it calls the appropriate Element class.

A string containing the element's content.

Reimplemented from FormLayout.

Reimplemented in CalendarItemDetailsViewFormLayout.

Definition at line 80 of file DetailsViewFormLayout.php.

resolveRowWrapperTag ( &$  content,
) [protected]

If the cell content contains a <tr at the beginning, then assume we do not need to wrap or end with a tr

Reimplemented in CalendarItemDetailsViewFormLayout.

Definition at line 141 of file DetailsViewFormLayout.php.

Field Documentation

$tabsContent [protected]

Used by the render of the form layout when the panels are to be displayed in a tabbed format.

See also:

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