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AccountConvertToViewDesignerRules DetailsPortletViewDesignerRules DetailsViewDesignerRules EditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules EditViewDesignerRules ForMixedModelsSearchListViewDesignerRules ListViewDesignerRules MassEditViewDesignerRules OpportunityConvertToViewDesignerRules ProductCategoryEditAndDetailViewDesignerRules SearchViewDesignerRules UserChangePasswordViewDesignerRules UserCreateViewDesignerRules UserEditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules UserNotificationConfigurationEditViewDesignerRules

Public Member Functions

 allowEditInLayoutTool ()
 canAddPanels ()
 canAddRows ()
 canMergeAndSplitCells ()
 canModifyCellSettings ()
 canModifyPanelSettings ()
 canMovePanels ()
 canMoveRows ()
 canRemovePanels ()
 canRemoveRows ()
 canConfigureLayoutPanelsType ()
 formatSavableMetadataFromLayout ($metadata, $viewClassName)
 formatSavableElement ($element, $viewClassName)
 getCellSettingsAttributes ()
 getDerivedAttributeTypes ()
 getDisplayName ()
 resolveDisplayNameByView ($viewClassName)
 getMetadataViewClassNames ($viewClassName, $moduleClassName)
 getPanelSettingsAttributes ()
 getSavableMetadataRules ()
 mergeRowAndAttributePlacement ()
 requireAllRequiredFieldsInLayout ()
 isRequiredAttributeExemptFromBeingPlacedInLayout ($attributeName)
 areAllPseudoRequiredDerivedAttributeTypesPlacedInLayout ($placedDerivedAttributeTypes)
 requireOnlyUniqueFieldsInLayout ()
 getNonPlaceableLayoutAttributeNames ()
 getNonPlaceableLayoutAttributeTypes ()
 formatEditableMetadataForLayoutParsing ($metadata)
 maxCellsPerRow ()
 shouldPlaceNullElement ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getSavedLayoutSuccessMessage ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static doesRuleApplyToElement ($rule, $elementInformation, $viewClassName)

Detailed Description

Class to help the designer module editing understand how to parse and handle the views it is editing.

Definition at line 41 of file DesignerRules.php.

Member Function Documentation

formatSavableMetadataFromLayout ( metadata,

Override to add special formatting to the savableMetadata

Definition at line 101 of file DesignerRules.php.

formatSavableElement ( element,
See also:
formatSavableMetadataFromLayout. This method is if you just want to format a single element and return it.
formatted element

Definition at line 145 of file DesignerRules.php.

static doesRuleApplyToElement ( rule,
) [static, protected]

Override if special handling is required to ignore certain rules from applying to the element before the metadata is saved.

See also:
string $rule
array $elementInformation
string $viewClassName

Reimplemented in EditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules, and SearchViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 171 of file DesignerRules.php.

getDerivedAttributeTypes (  ) 

Override if a rule requires that certain derived attributes types be made not available for placement using the layout tool


Definition at line 186 of file DesignerRules.php.

resolveDisplayNameByView ( viewClassName  ) 

Override if you need to return a different display name than what designer rules provides.

Reimplemented in InlineEditViewDesignerRules, MyListConfigViewDesignerRules, MyListViewDesignerRules, and RelatedListViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 198 of file DesignerRules.php.

isRequiredAttributeExemptFromBeingPlacedInLayout ( attributeName  ) 

Override if a rule allows that certain required attributes be not placed in layout since they are placed by default in edit view.

Reimplemented in DetailsViewOnlyForUserOwnerEditAndDetailsViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 231 of file DesignerRules.php.

areAllPseudoRequiredDerivedAttributeTypesPlacedInLayout ( placedDerivedAttributeTypes  ) 

Override if a rule allows that certain non-required derived attribute types being actually required to be placed in layout.

Reimplemented in NoteInlineEditViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 240 of file DesignerRules.php.

getNonPlaceableLayoutAttributeTypes (  ) 

Override if a rule requires that certain attributes types be made not available for placement using the layout tool

Reimplemented in ForMixedModelsSearchListViewDesignerRules, ListViewDesignerRules, MassEditViewDesignerRules, and SearchViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 263 of file DesignerRules.php.

formatEditableMetadataForLayoutParsing ( metadata  ) 

Adds an extra formatting to ensure uniformity for layout parsing. Adds 'wide' => true if the cell should span.

Definition at line 273 of file DesignerRules.php.

shouldPlaceNullElement (  ) 

If an element is null, should we place it in the metadata.

Reimplemented in ForMixedModelsSearchListViewDesignerRules, and ListViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 306 of file DesignerRules.php.

static getSavedLayoutSuccessMessage (  )  [static]

Gets saved layout success message.


Reimplemented in ForMixedModelsSearchListViewDesignerRules, and ListViewDesignerRules.

Definition at line 315 of file DesignerRules.php.

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