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Static Public Member Functions
DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules:
ImportRules ActivitiesImportRules ImportModelTestItem5ImportRules ImportModelTestItemImportRules MeetingsImportRules NotesImportRules TasksImportRules

Static Public Member Functions

static getActualModelAttributeNameForDerivedAttribute ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ImportRules
static resetCache ()
static getType ()
static getModelClassName ()
static getModuleClassNames ()
static getDisplayLabel ()
static getDerivedAttributeTypes ()
static getNonImportableAttributeNames ()
static getNonImportableAttributeImportRulesTypes ()
static getMappableAttributeIndicesAndDerivedTypes ()
static getAttributesCollection ()
static getModelClassNameByAttributeIndexOrDerivedType ($attributeIndexOrDerivedType)
static getAttributeImportRulesType ($attributeIndexOrDerivedType)
static getRequiredAttributesCollectionNotIncludingReadOnly ()
static getRequiredAttributesLabelsData ()
static getDedupeAttributes ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ImportRules
static resolveIsAttributeANonImportableAttributeName ($attributeData)
static getAttributesCollectionByModelClassName ($modelClassName)
static getModelAttributesImportMappingAdapterByModelClassName ($modelClassName)
static resolveAttributeImportRulesDataByModelClassNameAndCache ($modelClassName)
static getAttributeIndexOrDerivedTypeAndAttributeImportRuleTypes ($modelClassName)
static resolveRequiredDerivedAttributesCollection (&$attributesCollection)

Detailed Description

Base class of import rules for models that support importing a derived attribute. An example is activities. ActivityItems is a MANY_MANY of Items, but for import, the casted down models need to be imported such as accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Extend this class for any models that require this suppoprt. Currently this only supports one real attribute on the model that has this type of setup.

Definition at line 43 of file DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getActualModelAttributeNameForDerivedAttribute ( )

Used to define the real attribute name that the derived attribute corresponds to.

Definition at line 48 of file DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules.php.

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