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DemoDataMaker Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DemoDataMaker:
AccountsDemoDataMaker AutoresponderItemsDemoDataMaker CampaignItemsDemoDataMaker ContactWebFormDemoDataMaker ContactWebFormEntryDemoDataMaker ConversationsDemoDataMaker EmailMessageActivitiesDemoDataMaker EmailMessageUrlsDemoDataMaker GameRewardsDemoDataMaker GamificationDemoDataMaker GroupsDemoDataMaker MarketingDemoDataMaker MarketingListMembersDemoDataMaker MarketingListsDemoDataMaker MeetingsDemoDataMaker MissionsDemoDataMaker NotesDemoDataMaker OpportunitiesDemoDataMaker PersonDemoDataMaker ProductCategoriesDemoDataMaker ProductsDemoDataMaker ProductTemplatesDemoDataMaker ProjectsDemoDataMaker ReportsDemoDataMaker RolesDemoDataMaker SocialItemsDemoDataMaker TasksDemoDataMaker ZurmoDemoDataMaker

Public Member Functions

 makeAll (&$demoDataByModelClassName)
 populateModel (&$model)
 setLoadMagnitude ($loadMagnitude)
 getCustomFieldDataByName ($name)

Static Public Member Functions

static getDependencies ()

Protected Member Functions

 resolveQuantityToLoad ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static makeDomainByName ($name)
static makeUrlByDomainName ($domainName)

Protected Attributes

 $ratioToLoad = 1
 $loadMagnitude = 10

Detailed Description

Base class for module demo data that can optional be created.

Definition at line 40 of file DemoDataMaker.php.

Member Function Documentation

makeAll ( $demoDataByModelClassName)

Given an array of existing data models, make all the demo data for this module.

populateModel ( $model)

Can be used when you want to just populate the model with random data, but not save it.


Definition at line 70 of file DemoDataMaker.php.

static getDependencies ( )

Returns an array of module class names. These modules must have their demo data built first.

Definition at line 78 of file DemoDataMaker.php.

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