DataColumn Class Reference

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StarDataColumn ToggleDataColumn

Public Member Functions

 renderDataCellContentFromOutsideClass ($row, $data)

Protected Member Functions

 renderHeaderCellContent ()
 renderDataCellContent ($row, $data)

Detailed Description

Override class for CDataColumn in order to allow public access to renderDataCellContent and to allow offset information to properly pass into each column

See also:
CGridView class

Definition at line 42 of file DataColumn.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderHeaderCellContent (  )  [protected]

Renders the header cell content. This method will render a link that can trigger the sorting if the column is sortable.

Reimplemented in StarDataColumn.

Definition at line 48 of file DataColumn.php.

renderDataCellContent ( row,
) [protected]

Override to add in offset information (non-PHPdoc)

See also:

Reimplemented in ToggleDataColumn.

Definition at line 88 of file DataColumn.php.

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