CustomManagement Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 runBeforeInstallationAutoBuildDatabase (MessageLogger $messageLogger)
 runAfterInstallationDefaultDataLoad (MessageLogger $messageLogger)
 resolveIsCustomDataLoaded ()
 runImportsForImportCommand (ImportMessageLogger $messageLogger, $importName=null)
 resolveElementInformationDuringFormLayoutRender (DetailsView $view, &$elementInformation)
 setCalendarItemTitle (CalendarItem $calendarItem, RedBeanModel $model)

Detailed Description

Helper class for managing customizations to Zurmo. If you want to do customizations, extend this class and in perInstance.php define: $instanceConfig['custom']['class'] = ''; Then in your new component, you can override any of the methods that act as hooks.

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Member Function Documentation

runBeforeInstallationAutoBuildDatabase ( MessageLogger messageLogger  ) 

Called right before the auto build is initialized in the installation process. Make sure you do not clear the cache in here if you are running any type of autobuilder such as building the globalmetadata table in order to populate it.

See also:
MessageLogger $messageLogger

Definition at line 52 of file CustomManagement.php.

runAfterInstallationDefaultDataLoad ( MessageLogger messageLogger  ) 

Called right after the default data is loaded in the installation process.

See also:
MessageLogger $messageLogger

Definition at line 61 of file CustomManagement.php.

resolveIsCustomDataLoaded (  ) 

Called as a begin request behavior. This is only called during non-installation behavior. This can be used as a convenience for developers to check and load any missing metadata customizations as they develop.

Definition at line 69 of file CustomManagement.php.

runImportsForImportCommand ( ImportMessageLogger messageLogger,
importName = null 

Called from ImportCommand. Override and add calls to any import routines you would like to run.

See also:
MessageLogger $messageLogger
string $importName - Optional array of specific import process to run, otherwise if empty, run all available import processes.

Definition at line 80 of file CustomManagement.php.

setCalendarItemTitle ( CalendarItem calendarItem,
RedBeanModel model 

Called in CalendarUtil to set the title.

CalendarItem $calendarItem
RedBeanModel $model

Definition at line 95 of file CustomManagement.php.

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