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CustomFieldDataUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getDataIndexedByDataAndTranslatedLabelsByLanguage (CustomFieldData $customFieldData, $language)
static getTranslatedLabelByValue (CustomFieldData $customFieldData, $value, $language)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getDataLabelsByLanguage ($data, $language, $customLabels)

Detailed Description

Helper class for working with CustomFieldData

Definition at line 40 of file CustomFieldDataUtil.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getDataIndexedByDataAndTranslatedLabelsByLanguage ( CustomFieldData  $customFieldData,

Given a CustomFieldData object, return an array of data and translated labels indexed by the data name.

CustomFieldData$customFieldData$param string $language

Definition at line 47 of file CustomFieldDataUtil.php.

static getDataLabelsByLanguage (   $data,

Given an array of data names, a language, and an array of custom labels make an array of data names paired with their labels. If a custom label is available then utilize that for each data name, otherwise fallback to using the messages file to translate the label. If the messages file does not have a translation, then the data name will be used as the label.

array - labels for each data name.

Definition at line 84 of file CustomFieldDataUtil.php.

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