CustomFieldDataModelUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getModelPluralNameAndAttributeLabelsByName ($name)
static getDataByModelClassNameAndAttributeName ($modelClassName, $attributeName)

Detailed Description

Helper class to interrogate relationships between customFieldData models and other models in the application.

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Member Function Documentation

static getModelPluralNameAndAttributeLabelsByName ( name  )  [static]

Use this function to ascertain if a particular customFieldData model is used by more than one attribute in the application. An example is a pick list that is shared by two separate attributes in two different models.

array of model plural label / attribute label pairings.

Important Limitations to understand!! Only supports up to one attribute per model that uses the same customFieldData. Only searches primary models of the modules in the system.

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static getDataByModelClassNameAndAttributeName ( modelClassName,
) [static]

Given a model class name and an attribute name, get the CustomFieldData object associated with this attribute. Requires the attribute to be a customField type attribute otherwise it will throw an error.

string $modelClassName
string $attributeName

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