CurrencyValueAttributeImportRules Class Reference

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NonDerivedAttributeImportRules AttributeImportRules

Public Member Functions

 resolveValueForImport ($value, $columnName, $columnMappingData, ImportSanitizeResultsUtil $importSanitizeResultsUtil)

Static Public Member Functions

static getSanitizerUtilTypesInProcessingOrder ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static getAllModelAttributeMappingRuleFormTypesAndElementTypes ()

Detailed Description

Import rules for any attributes that are a CurrencyValue model.

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Member Function Documentation

static getAllModelAttributeMappingRuleFormTypesAndElementTypes (  )  [static, protected]

Returns mapping rule form and the associated element to use. Override to specify as many pairings as needed. This method is used for mapping rule form/element pairings that are available for both types of columns.

array of MappingRuleForm/Element pairings.

Reimplemented from AttributeImportRules.

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static getSanitizerUtilTypesInProcessingOrder (  )  [static]
array of sanitizer util names. The sanitizer utils in the array are in the order that they will be processed during the import.

Reimplemented from AttributeImportRules.

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resolveValueForImport ( value,
ImportSanitizeResultsUtil importSanitizeResultsUtil 

There is a special way you can import rateToBase and currencyCode for an amount attribute. if the column data is formatted like: $54.67__1.2__USD then it will split the column and properly handle rate and currency code. Eventually this will be exposed in the user interface

mixed $value
string $columnName
array $columnMappingData
ImportSanitizeResultsUtil $importSanitizeResultsUtil

Reimplemented from NonDerivedAttributeImportRules.

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