ContactStateWorkflowActionAttributeForm Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ContactStateWorkflowActionAttributeForm:
WorkflowActionAttributeForm ConfigurableMetadataModel

Public Member Functions

 getValueElementType ()
 rules ()
 resolveValueAndSetToModel (WorkflowActionProcessingModelAdapter $adapter, $attribute)

Protected Member Functions

 makeTypeValuesAndLabels ($isCreatingNewModel, $isRequired)

Detailed Description

Form to work with the related contact state attribute

Definition at line 40 of file ContactStateWorkflowActionAttributeForm.php.

Member Function Documentation

rules (  ) 

Override to make sure the value attribute is set as an integer value since it will be the id of a contact state

Reimplemented from WorkflowActionAttributeForm.

Definition at line 50 of file ContactStateWorkflowActionAttributeForm.php.

resolveValueAndSetToModel ( WorkflowActionProcessingModelAdapter adapter,

Utilized to create or update model attribute values after a workflow's triggers are fired as true.

WorkflowActionProcessingModelAdapter $adapter
string $attribute

Reimplemented from WorkflowActionAttributeForm.

Definition at line 61 of file ContactStateWorkflowActionAttributeForm.php.

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