ContactStateDropDownElement Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ContactStateDropDownElement:
DropDownElement DerivedElementInterface Element AllContactStatesDropDownForContactWebFormElement LeadStateDropDownElement

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($model, $attribute, $form=null, array $params=array())
 getIdForSelectInput ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getDisplayName ()
static getModelAttributeNames ()

Protected Member Functions

 renderControlEditable ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 resolveAttributeName ()
 getDropDownArray ()
 getNameForSelectInput ()
 renderError ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file ContactStateDropDownElement.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( model,
form = null,
array $  params = array() 

Override so we can force attribute to be set at 'state' since this is the correct attributeName for anything using this derived element

Reimplemented from Element.

Definition at line 68 of file ContactStateDropDownElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderControlEditable (  )  [protected]

Override to utilize 'id' as the attribute not 'value'

Reimplemented from DropDownElement.

Definition at line 42 of file ContactStateDropDownElement.php.

renderControlNonEditable (  )  [protected]

Renders the noneditable dropdown content. Takes the model attribute value and converts it into the proper display value based on the corresponding dropdown display label.

A string containing the element's content.

Reimplemented from DropDownElement.

Definition at line 58 of file ContactStateDropDownElement.php.

static getModelAttributeNames (  )  [static]

Get the attributeNames of attributes used in the derived element.

array of model attributeNames used.

Implements DerivedElementInterface.

Reimplemented in AllContactStatesDropDownForContactWebFormElement.

Definition at line 95 of file ContactStateDropDownElement.php.

renderError (  )  [protected]

Generate the error content. Used by editable content

error content

Reimplemented from DropDownElement.

Definition at line 116 of file ContactStateDropDownElement.php.

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