ConsoleApplication Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 isApplicationInstalled ()
 isApplicationInMaintenanceMode ()
 isApplicationInSandboxMode ()
 getEdition ()
 getLocale ($localeID=null)
 getSession ()
 findModule ($moduleID)
 getThemeManager ()
 getTheme ()
 setTheme ($value)
 createAbsoluteUrl ($route, $params=array(), $schema= '', $ampersand= '&')
 setAllClassesAreImported ()
 areAllClassesImported ()

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

 registerCoreComponents ()

Protected Attributes

 $sandboxMode = false
 $allClassesImported = false

Detailed Description

Override to handle zurmo specific requirements for the console application. Certain methods are expected to be available in the application that are added here. Additional the session component is defined as some code running the console application will require access to the session component even though it is not utilized in the console application.

Definition at line 43 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

Member Function Documentation

getLocale ( localeID = null  ) 

Returns the locale instance. This overrides the default CApplication->getLocale() function.

string $localeID the locale ID (e.g. en_US). If null, the application language ID will be used.
CLocale the locale instance

Definition at line 114 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

getSession (  ) 

Adding expected WebApplication method.

Definition at line 146 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

findModule ( moduleID  ) 

Adding expected WebApplication method.

Definition at line 154 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

getThemeManager (  ) 
CThemeManager the theme manager.

Definition at line 162 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

getTheme (  ) 
CTheme the theme used currently. Null if no theme is being used.

Definition at line 170 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

setTheme ( value  ) 
string $value the theme name

Definition at line 182 of file ConsoleApplication.php.

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