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ChartRules Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getChartTypesRequiringSecondInputs ()
static isStacked ($type)
static getTranslatedTypeLabel ($type)
static translatedTypeLabels ()
static availableTypes ()
static getSingleSeriesDataAndLabels ()

Data Fields

const TYPE_BAR_2D = 'Bar2D'
const TYPE_BAR_3D = 'Bar3D'
const TYPE_COLUMN_2D = 'Column2D'
const TYPE_COLUMN_3D = 'Column3D'
const TYPE_DONUT_2D = 'Donut2D'
const TYPE_DONUT_3D = 'Donut3D'
const TYPE_PIE_2D = 'Pie2D'
const TYPE_PIE_3D = 'Pie3D'
const TYPE_STACKED_BAR_2D = 'StackedBar2D'
const TYPE_STACKED_BAR_3D = 'StackedBar3D'
const TYPE_STACKED_COLUMN_2D = 'StackedColumn2D'
const TYPE_STACKED_COLUMN_3D = 'StackedColumn3D'
const TYPE_STACKED_AREA = 'StackedArea'
const TYPE_LINE = 'Line'
const TYPE_DONUT_PROGRESSION = 'DonutProgression'
const TYPE_FUNNEL = 'Funnel'
const TYPE_PYRAMID = 'Pyramid'
const TYPE_RADAR = 'Radar'

Detailed Description

Rules for working with charts that can be used for reporting and dashboards

Definition at line 40 of file ChartRules.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getChartTypesRequiringSecondInputs ( )
array of chart types that require a second series and range to render.

Definition at line 81 of file ChartRules.php.

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