CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob:
AutoresponderOrCampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxBaseJob AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob BaseJob

Public Member Functions

 run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getDisplayName ()

Protected Member Functions

 processRun ()
 processCampaignItemInQueue (CampaignItem $campaignItem)
 runGarbageCollection ($campaignItem)

Static Protected Attributes

static $loadJobQueueOnCleanupAndFallback = true

Detailed Description

A job for processing campaign messages that are not sent immediately when triggered

Definition at line 40 of file CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getDisplayName (  )  [static]
Translated label that describes this job type.

Reimplemented from BaseJob.

Definition at line 51 of file CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob.php.

run (  ) 
See also:

Reimplemented from BaseJob.

Definition at line 59 of file CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob.php.

runGarbageCollection ( campaignItem  )  [protected]

Not pretty, but gets the job done. Solves memory leak problem.

CampaignItem $campaignItem

Reimplemented from AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob.

Definition at line 138 of file CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob.php.

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