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CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob:
AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob BaseJob

Public Member Functions

 run ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseJob
 run ()
 getErrorMessage ()
 setMessageLogger (MessageLogger $messageLogger)
 getMessageLogger ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getDisplayName ()
static resolveJobsForQueue ()
static jobExecutionInQueueDependsOnTime ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob
static getType ()
static getRecommendedRunFrequencyContent ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseJob
static shouldLoadJobQueueOnCleanupAndFallback ()
static getDisplayName ()
static getType ()
static resolveJobsForQueue ()
static loadJobQueue ()
static getRecommendedRunFrequencyContent ()
static getDefaultMessageLogger ()
static getRunTimeThresholdInSeconds ()
static showInJobManagerToRunManually ()
static jobExecutionInQueueDependsOnTime ()

Static Protected Attributes

static $loadJobQueueOnCleanupAndFallback = true
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from BaseJob
static $loadJobQueueOnCleanupAndFallback = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from BaseJob
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob
 resolveBatchSize ()
 runGarbageCollection ($item)
 forgetModelsWithForgottenValidators ()
 addMaxmimumProcessingCountMessage ($modelsProcessedCount, $startingMemoryUsage)
 hasReachedMaximumProcessingCount ($modelsProcessedCount, $batchSize)
 addMaximumMemoryUsageReached ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob
 $modelIdentifiersForForgottenValidators = array()
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseJob

Detailed Description

A job for create campaign items for campaigns

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Member Function Documentation

static getDisplayName ( )
Translated label that describes this job type.

Definition at line 51 of file CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob.php.

static resolveJobsForQueue ( )
See Also

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run ( )
See Also

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