CalendarRowsAndColumnsReportDataProvider Class Reference

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RowsAndColumnsReportDataProvider ReportDataProvider

Protected Member Functions

 makeSelectQueryAdapter ($isDistinct=false)
 resolveSqlQueryAdapterForCount (RedBeanModelSelectQueryAdapter $selectQueryAdapter)
 fetchData ()

Detailed Description

Data provider for rows and columns report for a calendar.

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Member Function Documentation

makeSelectQueryAdapter ( isDistinct = false  )  [protected]

Makes sql query adapter.

bool $isDistinct

Reimplemented from ReportDataProvider.

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resolveSqlQueryAdapterForCount ( RedBeanModelSelectQueryAdapter selectQueryAdapter  )  [protected]

Resolve sql query adapter for count query.

RedBeanModelSelectQueryAdapter $selectQueryAdapter

Reimplemented from ReportDataProvider.

Definition at line 57 of file CalendarRowsAndColumnsReportDataProvider.php.

fetchData (  )  [protected]

By default report is returing only 10 items for any calendar thus overriding it here to remove limit so that all items would be returned and pagination would be handled by calendars module.


Reimplemented from ReportDataProvider.

Definition at line 68 of file CalendarRowsAndColumnsReportDataProvider.php.

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