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BuilderEmailTemplateWizardForm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BuilderEmailTemplateWizardForm:
EmailTemplateWizardForm WizardForm

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from EmailTemplateWizardForm
 rules ()
 getExplicitReadWriteModelPermissions ()
 setExplicitReadWriteModelPermissions (ExplicitReadWriteModelPermissions $explicitReadWriteModelPermissions)
 isContactTemplate ()
 isWorkflowTemplate ()
 isPlainTextTemplate ()
 isPastedHtmlTemplate ()
 isBuilderTemplate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from WizardForm
 getId ()
 isNew ()
 setIsNew ()
- Data Fields inherited from EmailTemplateWizardForm
 $files = array()
- Data Fields inherited from WizardForm
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WizardForm
 validateComponent ($componentType, $componentName)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from WizardForm
static resolveErrorAttributePrefix ($treeType, $count)
- Protected Attributes inherited from EmailTemplateWizardForm
- Protected Attributes inherited from WizardForm
 $isNew = false

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