BeginRequestBehavior Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 attach ($owner)
 handleSentryLogs ()
 handleApplicationCache ($event)
 handleImports ($event)
 handleInstanceFolderCheck ($event)
 handleInstallCheck ($event)
 handleUserTimeZoneConfirmed ($event)
 handleBeginRequest ($event)
 handleInitApiRequest ($event)
 handleBeginApiRequest ($event)
 handleLibraryCompatibilityCheck ($event)
 handleClearCache ($event)
 handleStartPerformanceClock ($event)
 handleSetupDatabaseConnection ($event)
 handleLoadLanguage ($event)
 handleLoadTimeZone ($event)
 handleCheckAndUpdateCurrencyRates ($event)
 handleResolveCustomData ($event)
 handleLoadActivitiesObserver ($event)
 handleLoadConversationsObserver ($event)
 handleLoadEmailMessagesObserver ($event)
 handleLoadWorkflowsObserver ($event)
 handleLoadReadPermissionSubscriptionObserver ($event)
 handleLoadContactLatestActivityDateTimeObserver ($event)
 handleLoadAccountLatestActivityDateTimeObserver ($event)
 handleLoadAccountContactAffiliationObserver ($event)
 handleLoadGamification ($event)
 handleDisableGamification ($event)
 handlePublishLogoAssets ($event)

Protected Member Functions

 resolveIsApiRequest ()
 attachApiRequestBehaviors (CComponent $owner)
 resolveBeginApiRequest (CComponent $owner)
 attachApiRequestBehaviorsForInstalledApplication (CComponent $owner)
 attachNonApiRequestBehaviors (CComponent $owner)
 attachNonApiRequestBehaviorsForNonInstalledApplication (CComponent $owner)
 attachNonApiRequestBehaviorsForInstalledApplication (CComponent $owner)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getAllowedGuestUserRoutes ()

Static Protected Attributes

static $allowedGuestUserRoutes

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

attachNonApiRequestBehaviorsForInstalledApplication ( CComponent $  owner  )  [protected]
See also:
CommandBeginRequestBehavior, make sure if you change this array, you add anything needed for the command behavior as well.
CComponent $owner

Reimplemented in CommandBeginRequestBehavior.

Definition at line 131 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

handleApplicationCache ( event  ) 

Load memcache extension if memcache extension is loaded and if memcache server is avalable


Definition at line 175 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

handleImports ( event  ) 

Import all files that need to be included(for lazy loading)


Definition at line 219 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

handleInstanceFolderCheck ( event  ) 

This check is required during installation since if runtime, assets and data folders are missing yii web application can not be started correctly.


Definition at line 255 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

handleUserTimeZoneConfirmed ( event  ) 

Called if installed, and logged in.

CEvent $event

Definition at line 298 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

handleClearCache ( event  ) 

In the case where you have reloaded the database, some cached items might still exist. This is a way to clear that cache. Helpful during development and testing.

Definition at line 449 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

static getAllowedGuestUserRoutes (  )  [static, protected]

Get Allowed Guest User Routes


Definition at line 600 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

Field Documentation

$allowedGuestUserRoutes [static, protected]
Initial value:

Definition at line 39 of file BeginRequestBehavior.php.

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