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BeanModelCache Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BeanModelCache:
GeneralCache ZurmoCache

Data Fields

const ALLOW_PHP_CACHING = false
- Data Fields inherited from ZurmoCache
const ALLOW_PHP_CACHING = true
const ALLOW_DB_CACHING = true
const CACHE_VALUE_KEY = 'value'
const CACHE_CHECKSUM_KEY = 'checksum'

Static Public Attributes

static $cacheType = 'BM:'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from GeneralCache
static $cacheType = 'G:'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ZurmoCache
static $cacheType = 'Z:'

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GeneralCache
static getEntry ($identifier, $default= 'NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION', $cacheDefaultValue=false)
static cacheEntry ($identifier, $entry)
static forgetEntry ($identifier)
static forgetAll ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ZurmoCache
static getCachePrefix ($identifier)
static setAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ($prefix= '')
static getAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ()
static supportsAndAllowsMemcache ()
static supportsAndAllowsPhpCaching ()
static supportsAndAllowsDatabaseCaching ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ZurmoCache
static getCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType)
static setCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType, $value)
static incrementCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType)
static isIdentifierCacheIncrementValueName ($identifier)
static clearMemcacheCache ()
static cacheValueAndChecksum ($key, $value)
static getCachedValueAndValidateChecksum ($key)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from GeneralCache
static $cachedEntries = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ZurmoCache
static $cacheIncrementValueVariableName = 'CacheIncrementValue'
static $additionalStringForCachePrefix = ''

Detailed Description

This is a bean model cache helper that utilizes just memcaching if available. Utilized for caching requirements that are simple in/out of a serialized array or string of information.

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