BatchSizeConfigUtil Class Reference

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AutoresponderOrCampaignBatchSizeConfigUtil InQueueBatchSizeConfigUtil OutboundEmailBatchSizeConfigUtil ZurmoKanbanConfigurationUtil ZurmoSystemConfigurationUtil ZurmoTaskKanbanConfigurationUtil

Static Public Member Functions

static getBatchSize ($returnDefaultIfMissing=true, $setDefaultIfMissing=false)
static setBatchSize ($size)

Detailed Description

Class BatchSizeConfigUtil

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Member Function Documentation

static getBatchSize ( returnDefaultIfMissing = true,
setDefaultIfMissing = false 
) [static]
bool $returnDefaultIfMissing
bool $setDefaultIfMissing
configuration|int $size

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static setBatchSize ( size  )  [static]
int $size

Definition at line 68 of file BatchSizeConfigUtil.php.

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